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Join forces with us to pioneer healthcare innovations towards a brighter future

The main objective of Movement Health Foundation is to scale up creative and long-lasting solutions to reduce the burden of major chronic illnesses around the world. It seeks to accomplish this by encouraging cooperation between like-minded people and organizations, making use of industry-wide knowledge, garnering local ownership, and putting into practice concrete interventions with quantifiable effects, across the world.
In order to fulfill its mission, Movement Health needs partners that are equally committed to enhancing health outcomes and promoting progress in the nations that matter most.

  • Companies that partner with Movement Health get exclusive access to state-of-the-art medical discoveries, technology, and advancements. As a worldwide partner, you are essential to determining how we will proceed and play a part in hastening the advancement of health in the nations you have chosen.

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Movement Health’s contribution to our partners


    As we work to launch an estimated 80 pilot projects in three years to dramatically change healthcare access and save lives, our partners will be pivotal in transforming agreed challenges into practical improvements.


    Each pilot is developed through an in-depth analysis of healthcare challenges carried out by healthcare experts. Partners will be closely involved in these expert discussions and will have the opportunity to both contribute and learn from them.


    World-leading authorities in health system transformation will work with decision makers to drive solutions for regional challenges. This networked approach enables global sharing of insights, promoting equal access to innovation across regions.


    Our partners engage in high-level dialogue with prominent decision-makers and other key stakeholders to drive forward healthcare transformation collectively, with the aim of improving and saving lives.

  • DATA

    Each pilot will generate valuable data, serving as the foundation for advancing solutions and addressing common patient care challenges across borders, fostering collaboration and innovation in healthcare delivery.


    We aim to strategically guide rising healthcare demand, involving partners through structured, long-term funding. Partners play active roles in shaping patient care delivery, integral to our community and the delivery of impactful solutions.

Explore the Many Ways You Can Partner with
Movement Health

  • Policy Reforms and Digital Technologies

    Our collaborative approach involves working closely with stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions.

  • Driving Policy Reforms and Innovation

    We advocate for policy reforms and drive innovation to transform healthcare systems globally.

  • Optimising Resource for Equitable Access

    We prioritize resource optimization to ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare for all.

  • Driving Lasting Impact through Collaboration

    Our collaborative approach enables us to drive lasting impact in healthcare systems worldwide.


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