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Who We Are

Movement Health is a Swiss non-profit organization. It was first founded, as a Movement, in 2019 to drive forward equal access to high quality healthcare across the world. In 2023 Movement Health officially became a Foundation: Movement Health Foundation. 

We are a global team of passionate people driven by health and technology. Our purpose is to scale digital innovations that improve health around the world, especially in low and middle-income countries. Recognizing that the two leading causes of death globally are cardiovascular disease and cancer, we urgently seek solutions to reduce the mortality associated with these conditions. Through intelligent and tailored solutions, fueled by digital innovation, we strive to make the world a place where health and well-being are accessible to everyone.

Our Journey

In 2020, the mission ‘Movement Health 2030’ ignited in Latin America, uniting stakeholders across sectors to address healthcare challenges through inclusive partnerships. Our joint efforts, headed by Dr. Rifat Atun, Rolf Hönger, and Bogi Eliasen, established challenging targets for 2030, following in-depth evaluation by more than 70 specialists and 40 partners.

The Movement Health Foundation came into existence in 2023 in collaboration with the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and major international organisations like Microsoft, Roche, and Siemens Healthineers.

With an emphasis on battling cancer and cardiometabolic illnesses, the Swiss nonprofit organization currently has operations in Cusco, Peru; Baranoa, Colombia; and Santiago, Chile. Movement Health is poised to have an even bigger impact by developing game-changing healthcare solutions and digital transformations for the future. This is because of recent expansions into Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia, supported by our global board and financed by our valued partners.

Key Milestones

The story of Movement Health has played out over the past 4 years, marked by transformative milestones.

  • 2020– Launch of project Movement Health 2030
    – Open innovation challenges announced: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru
  • 2021– Open innovation challenges launched: Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, and Uruguay
    – First project completed in Cusco
  • 2023– Finalized pilot solutions in Colombia: Salud 360 and Clinical
    – Declaration of intention between Siemens Healthineers, Roche, Microsoft,
    The Copenhagen Institute, and Rifat Atun to establish a Foundation
    – March to May: Movement Health Foundation formally established and launched
    – Commencement of foundation activities in Africa and Europe
  • 2024– Affirmation of investments to scale digital solutions in Colombia, Peru, and Chile
    – Confirmation of investments in Africa and Europe


Catalyze the development of more equitable, sustainable and resilient healthcare systems, by developing and scaling shared solutions to healthcare challenges with exponential impact across the globe, harness the power of digital technologies, data collaboration and innovation to accelerate global attainment of health as well as facilitating improvement of policy frameworks


To create responsive high-value health systems that deliver care to every individual, precisely when and where it is needed.

How We Operate

Our 6 Step Approach
To Better Healthcare

  • Stage 1:

    The Regional Set Up

    We tackle major health challenges, enhance health literacy and foster data sharing

  • Stage 2:

    Defining The Problem Area

    We engage regional decision makers to identify healthcare challenges, devising targeted programs for lasting impact

  • Stage 3:

    Building Local Networks

    We engage with local partners and leverage existing best practices to improve patient outcomes

  • Stage 4:

    Policy Shift

    We collaborate with local partners to create networks for translating innovative solutions into healthcare policy changes

  • Stage 5:

    Open Innovation

    We leverage existing innovations to launch pilots addressing challenges and benefiting patients

  • Stage 6:


    We scale local learnings globally to promote equal access to quality healthcare

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Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind Movement Health.

  • Héctor Pourtalé

    Executive Director

  • Raluca Dragan

    General Manager

  • Olga Gil

    PR and Communications Director

  • Camilo Erazo

    Operations Manager

  • Nicolás Briceño

    Project Assistant

Movement Health In Action

Transforming Communities
Across The World

Movement Health In Action

Transforming Communities
Across The World

Movement Health Initiatives

The movement for equal healthcare that started in Latin America, is now creating change across the globe in Algeria, Bulgaria, Ghana and South Africa. Know more about our initiatives in various regions and how they are impacting change


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