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What We Do

As our world faces increasing healthcare challenges, Movement Health is committed to ensuring everyone has equal and high-quality access to healthcare, whenever and wherever they need it. Recognising that cancer and cardiovascular disease are the leading contributors to global mortality rate, our current focus area revolves around finding healthcare solutions and access for these causes.


To achieve our goal, we are working tirelessly to foster collaboration and usage of digital tools and data, to create more sustainable and fair healthcare systems worldwide. We are continuously striving to speed up progress toward global health equity while improving policy frameworks.


  • Over 4,600 children’s lives in Peru have been changed by our solution, bringing hope for a better future and a wave of positive transformation.
  • Over 2,100 patients in Colombia have benefited directly from our ground-breaking solutions for cardiovascular and rare diseases, which have given them new hope and a road to happier, healthier lives.
  • There have been over 1,487 additional consultations for pregnant and postpartum women and 4,760 for children, plus a 12% increase in family planning visits in Cusco.
  • There has also been a 14% increase in well-baby checkups and a 5% rise in pediatric vaccinations in Cusco.
  • There has been a 14% increase in nutritional supplementation for infants and a 5% increase in prenatal checkups in Cusco.
  • We have created significant partnerships with more than 40 prestigious public and private sector partners, committed to our shared goal of developing ground-breaking digital healthcare solutions that improve lives everywhere.
  • We are proud to have played a part in the validation phase of Costa Rica’s revolutionary National Health Policy 2023–2033, helping shape the country’s healthcare landscape and supporting programs that will benefit future generations.
  • Delfos has identified 1,942 individuals with obesity within its 14 months of operation, highlighting the effectiveness of the digital solution in detecting health risks.
  • Delfos has secured 4.571 billion Colombian pesos from the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and is being implemented in collaboration with the Cooperative University of Colombia (UCC) and the Technological Institute of Putumayo (ITP), demonstrating significant governmental and institutional support for its implementation.

Our 6-Step Approach to Tackle Global
Healthcare Challenges

  • Stage 1:

    The Regional Set Up

    We tackle major health challenges, enhance health literacy and foster data sharing

  • Stage 2:

    Defining The Problem Area

    We engage regional decision makers to identify healthcare challenges, devising targeted programs for lasting impact

  • Stage 3:

    Building Local Networks

    We engage with local partners and leverage existing best practices to improve patient outcomes

  • Stage 4:

    Policy Shift

    We collaborate with local partners to create networks for translating innovative solutions into healthcare policy changes

  • Stage 5:

    Open Innovation

    We leverage existing innovations to launch pilots addressing challenges and benefiting patients

  • Stage 6:


    We scale local learnings globally to promote equal access to quality healthcare


Transforming Communities
Across The World


Transforming Communities
Across The World

Movement Health Initiatives

The movement for equal healthcare that started in Latin America, is now creating change across the globe in Algeria, Bulgaria, Ghana and South Africa. Know more about our initiatives in various regions and how they are impacting change


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