Movement Health: The Middle East

Countries in the Middle East face the challenge of significant differences in the quality and performance of health data infrastructures. Funding health services for refugees is a major local regional challenge. While there are many differences between Middle East countries there are many synergies, which means multiple opportunities to collaborate across borders, and the opportunity to share learnings and solutions. There is a strong vision and many success stories to build on initiatives that can be scaled or transferred to other locales in the region. There is also a spirit of innovation where young entrepreneurs in the healthcare space are taking on big challenges. Of course, there remains a huge amount to be done in the region. That's why we've identified six steps to affect change. Our vision is to connect people and build interconnected systems that will mean a brighter, more equitable healthcare future for all. By leveraging diversity as a core strength, the Middle East can become a global example, for innovative health collaborations.