Global Banking & Financial Services

Héctor Pourtalé

Executive Director

Why Movement Health is looking to collaborate with global banking and financial services organisations in multiple countries
At Movement Health, we recognise that partnerships and collaboration are crucial if we want to transform global healthcare systems. Moreover, these partnerships need to extend to all sectors of the economy, including:
  • Global banking and financial services.
  • Genetic variation and biological function.
  • Transport and logistics.
  • IT strategy consulting.
  • Health insurance.
All of these sectors and industries have moved with the times, introducing changes that have allowed them to stay competitive and relevant. By contrast, the healthcare sector has lagged behind and is struggling to cope with demand, which is only going to increase in the future. Thatʼs why itʼs so important for healthcare to tap into other industries and learn from their innovation, knowledge and efficiency. Hereʼs why global banking and financial services organisations are so central to our thinking.

How you could help us

Movement Health realises that global banking and financial services play a crucial role in fueling world-changing innovations, by providing funding to early-stage companies. These companies require capital to support their ambitious plans, while investors seek opportunities for high-growth prospects. Market operators can leverage this combination to their advantage. In the emerging world economy, well-functioning banks and financial institutions are vital in allocating capital to promising companies, supporting entrepreneurs, inspiring innovation and driving the development of transformative technologies and products. Movement Health focuses on advancing healthcare through improved treatment and prevention. To achieve this, we want to facilitate collaborations between public and private financial institutions, with global banking and financial services playing a key role in allocating funds to early-stage start-ups that are shaping the economy.

How you will benefit

By joining with Movement Health, you can help shape the future of health systems and gain access to influential experts in the regions where our initiative operates. Weʼre currently working with providers in 17 countries and collaborating with more than 180 leading experts from institutions and organisations, such as the national Ministries of Health and Harvard. We believe that this provides an exciting framework for global banking and financial services to help power world-changing innovations across global healthcare systems. Itʼs only by working together that we can tackle the key challenges and improve outcomes.

We want to hear from you

If this sounds like you, then please get in touch. Our Executive Director, Héctor Pourtalé, can tell you more about the process of becoming a partner of Movement Health.