Transforming Healthcare in Putumayo with Salud 360

Context Cardiovascular illnesses are a major burden on Colombia; they are believed to be responsible for one-third of all fatalities worldwide, with 5.3 million individuals at risk and an additional 2.2 million unidentified. To tackle this issue, the mandated health plan devotes 47.3% of its resources, or 13.4 trillion COP. Making use of its ICT framework leadership, Colombia passed legislation to improve the interchange of health data. In 2021, Movement Health responded by launching a nationwide open innovation challenge that drew 47 digital health businesses. "Salud 360," a digital solution designed to enhance prompt access to healthcare, was created by four carefully chosen collaborators and effectively deployed at Hospital de Baranoa, Atlantico, from July to November 2022. The Solution  Salud 360 : Salud 360 is a digital health solution that improves patient adherence, facilitates the management of cardiovascular risk, and maximizes clinical cost control. A 360-degree view of the most important cardiovascular health markers is made possible by integrating hospital information systems to provide proactive prevention and individualized treatment. In addition to enabling data-driven planning for the public health system, patients are empowered, professionals obtain crucial insights, and healthcare institutions make well-informed decisions. Impact on Health System/Outcome Equity in coverage and access: In order to improve territorial access, Salud 360 uses Colombia's predictive preventive paradigm, which calls for solutions for patient identification, early cardiovascular risk detection, urgent patient prioritizing, and coordinated access to healthcare. Health 360 aims to reach all 7.5 million high-risk cardiovascular patients in Colombia, including the 2.2 million who are still awaiting a clinical diagnosis, in keeping with the "leaving no one behind" goal. Interoperability : Salud 360 facilitates improved collaboration between various health institutions. It collects, arranges, and cleans up data from various systems so that it is compatible with all. Patients, physicians, and decision-makers will find it much simpler to use the information this way. Optimization of the health budget: Early medical intervention, as facilitated by Salud 360, reduces costs associated with addressing heart problems and other health issues down the road. It monitors cardiac risks and identifies high-risk individuals who are not receiving treatment yet. Using Salud 360 in Baranoa in 2022 resulted in significant cost savings: 50% less was spent on patient care, 20.5% less was spent on heart risk management, and 24.4% fewer tests were required because Salud 360 frequently monitored patients