Movement Health Collaborates with DHV to Enhance Bulgaria’s Digital Healthcare

Description Digital Health Village (DHV), a Finnish service, is a valuable resource providing trustworthy health information and services. Collaborating with a local IT developer, Information Services (IS), Movement Health plans to implement DHV's "My Path" in Bulgaria. This initiative aims to empower patients with accessible and verified treatment information, enhancing healthcare experiences.
Problem Ensuring that Bulgaria's efforts to digitize its healthcare system are the most effective
Digital Solution  The two primary functions of the NHIS Specialized Care module are screening and prevention, which is in accordance with the national program for the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and long-term care and monitoring, which initially focuses on pregnancy, childbirth, and child monitoring in accordance with WHO guidelines.
Impact Digitizing healthcare improves access, empowers patients, ensures compliance, streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency. Despite Bulgaria's digitization efforts, the guidelines they are currently looking at using are outdated. We aim to bridge this gap.
Impact Areas
  • Enabled information-driven decision-making 
  • Identified profiles of high-risk populations
  • Early detection and timely intervention 
  • Expanded coverage