Revolutionizing Maternal and Child Healthcare in Cusco

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated Cusco, Peru's serious shortages in maternity and child healthcare services in 2021. The number of routine prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric consultations fell because of decentralized data practices, staffing shortages during the day, and fears of a pandemic.
The North Cusco Health Network collaborated with Delivery Associates (DA) to put creative solutions into practice in order to address these issues. The program's main goal was to boost technology and communication in order to provide more healthcare consultations. A multichannel informational campaign was started to inform and motivate patients to seek medical attention. It included outreach at outdoor markets, home visits, and social media platforms. "#RedCuscoNorteCuidaTuSalud" ("Cusco's Northern Network, Take Care of Your Health") was introduced and incorporated into a number of initiatives to raise awareness of healthcare issues and encourage frequent clinic visits. Moreover, DA assisted in the shift from manual shift entries to a fully digitalized system, offering a new database and mobile app for better management of provider and patient demand.
The cooperative efforts produced notable advancements in healthcare services in just five months:
Increased Consultations: 4,760 consultations for children, and over 1,487 consultations for pregnant and postpartum women, and a 12% increase in family planning visits.
Improved Pediatric Healthcare: A 14% rise in well-baby visits and a 5% increase in childhood immunizations.
Increases in Nutrition and Prenatal Health: A 14% rise in infant nutritional supplements and a 5% rise in prenatal exams.