Addressing Chile’s Healthcare Crisis: Tackling Waiting Times and Improving Patient Care

Challenge Waiting times in Chile experienced a 365% increase, resulting in increased pressure on the healthcare system and a decrease in the quality of care provided to patients. Solution A platform that integrates patient data from diagnosis until recovery, thereby creating a flow of constant communication that keeps connected stakeholders and contributes to clinical decision making, while reducing administrative tasks. The objective of the platform is to increase the communication between the patient and professionals health. In this way it is intended (a) streamline internal administrative processes, and (b) improve needs-based prioritization of the patient. In this way, the choice of Treatment will be more assertive and collaborative. The lack of unified and standardized prioritization criteria, and the fragmentation in decision making among levels of care and institutions increased the occupation capacity of the third level of care. Furthermore, absenteeism and a lack of operational efficiency in institutions have led to longer waiting times. prolonged and inefficient care. Patients diagnosed with lung cancer are the most affected by the increase in waiting lists. Impact Reduction in the number of unnecessary consultations and complementary studies Optimized and agile medical triage model Reduction in the expenditure per patient Positioning at the forefront of professionals Real-time statistics