Enhancing Cancer Control in Peru: Innovations in Lambayeque and Arequipa Regions

Challenge Inefficiencies in cancer control in certain regions of Peru Solution  Reducing avoidable death rates among oncology patients and increasing the effectiveness of cancer control through the use of innovations and policy delivery methodologies. This  project intends to improve cancer control services in the Lambayeque and Arequipa regions in terms of timeliness, quality, and efficiency. The objective is to reduce the rates of preventable death among oncology patients by putting new tactics for promotion, prevention, diagnosis, and early treatment into practice. Through dashboards and digital technologies, the system uses a policy delivery technique to guarantee improved health worker deployment and expedite healthcare administration. These activities will benefit a wide range of beneficiaries, including cancer patients and decision-makers at different levels of authority. In the end, the project aims to improve cancer control efficiency and healthcare outcomes in the targeted regions.