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At Movement Health Foundation, we foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and social impact. Our mission is to revolutionize global healthcare systems and ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare for all. Join us in making a difference and explore our available volunteer positions today.

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    • Healthcare systems face unprecedented challenges. One in every three people die from preventable causes. Multiple chronic diseases affect a growing number of patients. Many populations are aging. Healthcare systems must address these challenges with limited budgets, about 30% of which goes to waste. However, many solutions already exist. We need to help patients and systems access them. Movement Health Foundation paves the way for public-private partnerships, accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions across healthcare systems. The Movement works with various healthcare stakeholders to identify and solve big problems in healthcare services that can improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. In the next three years, Movement Health will expand to build scalable solutions in five continents across the globe. Healthcare professionals, policymakers, corporations, and entrepreneurs will co-create solutions for fast and impactful transformation. Scaling these solutions through evidence-based healthcare policy shifts will help unlock access to better healthcare for all. Your competences We are looking for candidates who have the following qualifications:

      • Strategic thinking: You can identify opportunities and challenges, develop innovative solutions, and align actions with the foundation’s goals and vision.
        Results orientation: You can set SMART objectives, plan activities efficiently, monitor progress, measure outcomes, and ensure accountability.
      • Collaboration: You can work effectively in complex cross-organizational collaborations with diverse teams across functions, levels, locations, cultures, and backgrounds.
      • Adaptability: You can cope with change and uncertainty in a complex environment while working in a nascent organization.
      • Interpersonal skills: As the link between the Foundation and its Partners, you have excellent communication skills and feel comfortable in working with senior health leaders and communicating clearly with all levels and functions of a growing organization.
      • Subject matter expertise: You understand the impact of health interventions at a major scale and the enablers to facilitate them on our society. You have experience in the innovation field and understand the importance of innovative solutions with scaling potential.
      • Learning: You seek feedback, reflect on performance, learn from mistakes, and pursue continuous improvement.
      Please share briefly why you are interested and what would make you a fantastic addition to the Movement Health team.

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